Saturday, July 12, 2008

This Blog Has Moved!

Hopefully someday I will continue this journey and this blog, but for now I have created a new blog to document the happenings in our family. I do hope you will all follow me to my new blog as I have truly enjoyed being a part of your lives, as you have been a part of mine.

The new blog address is

Thursday, July 3, 2008

God's Little Surprises

We had our sonogram yesterday to find out how far along we are: seven weeks, our due date is February 18.  We also saw something we did not expect: two babies.  
After praying for a child for over two years, suffering a miscarriage, traveling the road to Kyrgyzstan for five months, God gives us twins.  We are completely shocked and we feel very blessed. But we are also extremely sad. Prior to the sonogram we prayed about and felt peace about having two babies. We simply thought we would travel to Kyrgyzstan to get one of them.  We do not feel peace about having three infants at the same time.  And so, as much as it grieves our hearts to do so, we feel that we need to delay the arrival of our Kyrgyzstan baby for a little while.  We are experiencing many extreme emotions right now (especially with a double helping of pregnancy hormone) and we ask for your prayers as we learn more about what God has in store for our family. Please pray for a continued healthy pregnancy and two healthy babies.  
We wish all of you still on the journey continued blessings and speedy Fedex packages.  I still want to hear about all the goings on with international adoption and about each of your journeys.  I will be very sad not to be traveling with you.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sydney's Two Brothers and Two Sisters

The other day Sydney was holding up her fingers and telling me she wanted two brothers and two sisters.  Well, yesterday we took care of the two brothers part of her request.  We adopted two little brothers. Two miniature dachshunds.  We haven't figured out their names yet, maybe I will try to figure out the poll thingy that so many of you are utilizing on your blogs right now.  If you have any suggestions, please post them.  I will try to post some pics of them once we download some from the camera.
And we are working on the two sisters part of her request, as well.  We are jumping through hoop after hoop trying to get to her baby sister in Kyrgyzstan.  And just when we think we have cleared all the hoops, more appear.  But the Lord is in control and He will get us through.  He has already gotten us so far.  This will get us to one of her sisters. The other sister will probably get here first. 
We are pregnant.  We found out the same day we got our letter from Homeland Security; boy was that a pretty exciting day for our family.  We go for a sonogram on July 2nd to find out our due date.  So far everything is going pretty well with the pregnancy aside from A LOT of morning sickness.  I wasn't sick once with Sydney, so this is a big change for me.  We did an early gender detection blood test this week and we found out that we are having a baby girl. Please keep both of our children in your prayers as the days we will meet them draw nearer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Short Update

We were both able to complete our third, and hopefully final, set of fingerprints yesterday.  They are now on their way to FBI headquarters for our FBI clearance check.  Hopefully they will be super speedy fast and this new requirement will not delay us too much in our dossier completion. I still haven't heard anything from Austin yet on the rest of our dossier being authenticated.  Hopefully we will get that back before the end of the week.