Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Study Tomorrow!

We are going to have our three home study interviews tomorrow.  I will do mine in the morning, Tony will do his in the afternoon and then we will complete the one together.  I completed my doctor exam today, but if the USCIS approval takes too long, I may have to redo it as it is only valid for six months.  Hopefully, everything will fall into place before that happens.  Please be praying that everything goes smoothly with the USCIS approval.  

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home Study Next Week

Our social worker has scheduled our home study to begin next week. We are very excited to get this step of the process completed because many other things are waiting on this to be finished before we can move forward.  Hopefully once this gets done the rest will start falling into place.  

Tony and I both completed our fingerprinting this week for our police clearance for the dossier.  I will go to my doctor on Monday to get my complete physical and blood work done for the dossier.  This is only good for six months so hopefully the other elements of the dossier will be completed within  the next six months otherwise I will have to repeat this appointment.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Journey Begins

We have been praying about adoption for many years and we have always believed it could be in God's plan for our family; we just weren't sure when.  On February 5, 2008, God revealed to our family that His time for us to find our daughter was now.  And so begins our journey to find our little girl and bring her home.  
I have been encouraged by many people to create an online journal about our journey.  After reading many different adoption blogs and deciding the time had come to start our blog, I am ready to adventure into the cyberworld; a place I never really thought I would go.  If any of you experienced "bloggers" have any advice for how to create one of these, please let me know.  I will try to update this whenever something new happens in our adoption.  Thank you for wanting to experience this wonderful miracle God has placed in our lives.  We request and appreciate all of your prayers for our little girl and patience for us as we wait for her to come home.