Tuesday, May 20, 2008


You may have noticed the new blog design.  And if you checked it last night, you may have thought my blog was having an identity crisis as I tried out different looks and colors.  I think I like it this way and will probably leave it like this for a few days. If you see something different, please know I am just tweaking it until it looks just the way I want it.
I met a new friend today who is also adopting from Kyrgyzstan and she lives in Texas.  We are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of our I-171 H letters from Homeland Security. Please pray for us both as we wait for this all important letter together.  We simply cannot get anything else done until we have this piece of paper.
And now an update on the new house: our projected completion date of mid-May has come and gone and now we are looking at sometime in July. I say August.  This is fine with us because we are still waiting on the new owner of our current home to show up. Please pray that whoever this is shows up soon.  I would like to know that our house is sold so I can truly look forward to living in the new house.  Currently all of our woodwork (cabinets, trim, etc.) is finished and they started staining the wood this week.  Due to my serious allergy to toxic fumes of any kind, I will not be stepping even one toe in the house for about a month.  I drove by this afternoon on my way to pick Syd up from preschool and the painters were wearing suits and masks circa E.T. If I had any desire to "peek" and take a look-see, this most assuredly changed my mind quick, fast, and in a hurry.  After this they will begin painting, so it will probably not be until July before I go back inside.    

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