Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nursery Pictures

Monica has inspired me to post some pictures of our nursery.  
The only pictures I have are of Sydney's two nurseries.  The first four are of her first nursery. We used Classic Winnie the Pooh for the theme.  Tony wants to "recreate" this nursery for the new baby.  I think that can be arranged.  
The bottom picture is of Sydney's current room.  She has informed us that her new room will be pink.  That is her only request.  I think I will paint the walls light pink and the trim will be in white. I will have the artist paint an outdoor scene in the alcove by her window and we will use darker pinks and white for accents on the other walls most likely in polka dots. Or maybe fairies. I am still not sure yet.  
The two girls will each have their own sink/closet areas with a shared bathtub and toilet between them.  Sydney's sink area will be done in pinks, orange and white with butterflies and flowers. Baby girl's sink area will be done in lime green, aqua and yellow with frogs and butterflies.  And the shared area will be all of these colors with an under the sea theme.


Monica said...

Wow! I love it... both of those room! It's so fun to see what people do for their children's rooms because as you are saying about your girls new rooms there are just so many different directions you can go in. I can't wait till we all have completed new children rooms to fully share pics of! My dilemma of when to start is WHEN do I want to boot Niall out of his current room into a shared bedroom situation. I'm eager to decorate but I know we have a long wait so I have to be patient and enjoy this time keeping our last boy baby the baby a while longer. Still though I might paint his walls PINK even while he's still living in that room. He's so easy going I doubt he'd care at all.

Betsy said...

The rooms are precious! Can't wait to see how the new one will turn out.

I got an email from USCIS in San Antonio saying that the wait will be "30 to 90 days from last processing time, May 3rd". Wow, they really narrowed it down for me ;)