Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sydney's baby sister

We journeyed the two hours to Lubbock today and completed our fingerprinting.  What a relief it is to have that finished!  Now we have to wait for USCIS to process everything and mail us our I 171 approval.  Once we have that, our dossier is officially complete and we can send it to Austin for authentication. And then it will be off to Washington for translation!  We hope to have it in D.C. by June and then it will be off to the Kyrg republic where we will get in line for our baby girl! God has continued to bless us each step of this journey and we are so excited to watch as His plan for our family continues to unfold.  
I am so moved to think that when our daughter is ready for us to come get her, God will provide for our dossier to be at the top of the list.  It is so beautiful and peaceful to know that His hand is in this "birth" every bit as much as it was with our Sydney.  How amazing to be chosen by Him to experience this awe-inspiring journey to bring our second daughter into our family.  I dream of her often and I only wish I could communicate the beauty and peace I experience in these dreams with you all.  They are the closest thing to Heaven I have experienced next to the birth of Sydney.
Speaking of Sydney, she doesn't understand why her baby sister isn't here yet and she asks often why (as two year olds do) she's not here.  We tell her that her baby sister just isn't ready yet.  She has heard this answer so many times, she has started answering it for herself anytime she asks the question.  It is so exciting being able to share this with her at this age and to see her understand it just a little.  We have purchased a beautiful silk baby blanket for her sister and she asks to sleep with it every week.  She will hold it up to me and ask, "Whose blanket is this?" And then she will answer her own question saying, "It's my baby sister's! I can sleep with it!"  How amazing to share in her enthusiasm for her sister!  Most moving of all, lately she has been including her baby sister in her prayers. She will say, "And thank You for my baby sister; she's not ready yet."  It is such a gift to watch her talk to God about her sister; these two are already starting off with an amazing bond. Please thank God for this precious gift.

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Lori said...

How sweet is that, "She's not ready yet..." Isn't it amazing how easily children come by faith?