Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Babies in Kyrgyzstan

I have been reading my other blogs (see list at right) and the missionaries there have posted a heartbreaking account of the lives of children over there.  I have copied it here for you to see.

This morning we went to the orphanage in time for the opening of the day care/kindergarten. This will be such a boost for the entire community it is so right on many levels. Many of the parents in the village are at work through the day and there is no one left to look after the kids. It is not uncommon to leave a one or two year old home alone. They simply tie them to a tree, or dig a whole in the field were they are working and put the children in the hole. These many times are the kids that wind up in the orphanages. By providing a full day Care with meals included, it will be the break that is needed to keep families together ... Those that are able to pay will pay a small fee that will enable the orphanage to hire teachers. The day care will also be able to look after the small kids from the orphanage as well. We brought them a bunch of children's puzzles and pillows for the beds. They were put to use right away. It was obvious that they were hand made. They were all different...just like the quilts ... It's so great to teach the kids that, like the pillows,.... they are all special...they are all different....and they are all beautiful.


I have never heard God's voice calling us to bring our child home any louder than I hear it right now.   I have actually followed (read stalked) the mail lady in our neighborhood until she got to our box in the last five weeks hoping, praying, that today is the day.  Each day when I check the mail and it is not there, I hurt inside. Every day that hurt gets a little deeper.  And reading things like this about what happens to the children in Kyrgyzstan makes me want to just get on a plane and go get her.  I believe God has a plan for our family; this is it.  I believe in God's perfect timing; sometimes I need help with the patience.  Pray a special prayer of peace and patience over us as we wait.  Pray for our time to bring our daughter home be now.  

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Julie & John Wright said...

We will hold your family... that includes your newest addition... up in prayer.... When ever I start to get descouraged, I just step back and look to the mountains that surround us here..... I think of the scripture that says if we have the faith to say to the mountains to be removed.... they will be removed..... Not by might or by power but by the spirit of the Lord ..... In no time, you to will be standing on the streets here looking at these butifull mountains for yourself.