Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Five Weeks and Counting

I talked with Yvonne (adopted two girls from China) at the library yesterday and asked her if she knew of anyone who had applied for and received an I-171H lately here in Amarillo.  She said the most recent one she knew about took six weeks.  SO... hopefully ours will come in another week or so. Please pray that it comes soon.  Come on Homeland Security!!!!
On the home front, we (I mean me) are attempting the insurmountable task of potty training once again.  Sydney is very interested. In going in her diaper. She has no problem pooping in the potty, but she flat out refuses to tinkle in the potty. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of to get her to tinkle in the potty, but she just won't do it.  I am not sure she knows how to release her urine into the potty. Diapers? No problem. But the potty is just not happening.  I am trying very hard to stay positive with her, but it's difficult when I ask her to tinkle, sit her on the potty, nothing.  Then as soon as she pulls her pull-up back on, she tinkles.  If anyone out there in Cyberspace has some advice for me, please let me know. I think she wants to be potty trained, she tells me she does. Then she will say, "No, I will just go in my diaper." We have tried rewards, treats, trips to _______, celebrations, big girl panties, peer pressure, and probably some things you shouldn't try.  If you or someone you know has every potty trained a difficult child, please pass on some advice to me.  Before I lose my mind!


Monica said...

Well, I read a very old book a long time ago called something like toilet training in less than a day (written about 1970) and it laid out a whole plan where you let the child pick out salty snacks and whatever drinks they want at the store and then you plan a day were you guarantee they will need to go potty because they will eat and drink those items then you set a timer and have them sit on the potty every 15-20 minutes so that they will be successful and take pride in this challenge... maybe try that!

Amazingly Niall who is only 23 mo is very interested in potty training right now and has peed on the big toilet a couple times a day for the last week. He tells me he wants to sit on the potty and every time I let him he'll do it. First I thought it was just a fluke but now I'm thinking I should pursue this opportunity seriously.

Good Luck to you.
She'll do it soon!
Hang in there!

Lori said...

I know this is unconventional, but our Goddaughter was living with us for about 2 years and during potty training. It got to the point where her mommy, one of my best friends, simply said, "okay, if you don't go in the potty, you don't get to wear panties until you do." Which meant, of course, no going to the toy store, ice cream, anywhere, basically. My Goddaughter thought at first she'd show her mommy and not care one bit about no panties, (she was STUBBORN) but something maybe about losing the control over not having the 'right' to wear them, if you will clicked. It was painstaking for the first day or two because it really changed our schedules (and made for a few tantrums) but it worked. Any accidents (she claimed everything was an accident, but there were times we KNOW it was purposeful) meant a losing of the panty privilege for 1/2 hour or something to that effect. It's amazing how much they want something when you tell them they can't have it. Like I said, we probably verged on child abuse, but it worked.