Friday, June 13, 2008

More Requirements

Just when we thought we had the end in sight, more requirements get sent our way for the dossier.  Now we need not only a police fingerprint clearance, a Homeland Security fingerprint clearance, but one from the FBI, too!  There must be a large number of criminals trying to bring foreign born orphans into this country. There are a couple of other small requirements, such as a psychological evaluation (where do you get one of those from?) and other things that will be fairly simple. All in all, once we get these things accomplished and, of course, authenticated in Austin we are looking at probably another six weeks before we can even submit our dossier for translation and then it will be another two months plus for translation before we can be in line for our baby girl. Hopefully, our friends at the FBI will be more efficient than Homeland Security and it won't take quite as long as the I-171 H took.
In other news, we have received an offer on our house. The one we're building. For US to live in. We have been praying for an answer to this little situation we have gotten ourselves into (owning two houses at the same time) and I think this is His answer for us.  Not the one we were hoping for, but I think it is His answer nonetheless. Funny enough, we got the call when Tony and I were in Dallas for a few hours (most of which were spent in airports) picking out granite for the new house.  Our builder called and said he had someone who wanted to buy our house if we were willing to sell it.  Multiple discussions and many pros/cons lists later, we decided to let it go.  At first I was a little possessive and upset that someone wanted to buy our house that we have worked so hard on for the last seven months, but after my initial reaction, I found all I truly felt was relief. What an amazing God we serve!  He answers prayers.  Now we are going to add on to our current house, which is what we should have done in the first place!  


Monica said...

Oh I know it's too bad that we now have more things we need to gather for the dossier! Have you talked to A about the Psych Eval? That almost seemed like a mistake in that list of paperwork requirements... I don't know?

And {{{hugs}}} regarding your was-to-be new house. I'm sorry that how it turned out and will PRAY that you are so overthemoon THRILLED with the new addition once it's completed.

Lori said...

Amber, I don't have your email (or phone number) here in Europe, but I wanted to send you (and Monica) the personal email I got from AA--I also want you to email me too because we ended up getting overwhelmed with stuff before we left and I couldn't call you...SO SORRY!

On the other hand, as the mortgage holder of 2 upside down mortgages, I promise you--this relief will be relived over and over..especially when you are in your new addition and it's GREAT!

Don't worry, we'll get through it all...promise! We're in better shape than I originally thought on Friday!