Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Blessing of Friends

Sometimes you go through things, hard things, and when you come out on the other side, you are changed.  It is much this way with losing a child.  I never thought I would experience this, no one ever does.  And when I did, I fell into a deep, dark pit. And I couldn't get out. For a time, I don't think I even wanted to get out.  I knew I needed to, if not for myself, then for my daughter who definitely deserved a mother happier than I was.  I began pushing everyone away, even my husband, to the point that I was shutting everyone out. Even myself. And most especially God. But God, who loves me more than I deserve, was not willing to let me stay in that pit.  He sent my two best and dearest friends in the world into the pit after me.  And boy was I angry!  I didn't want them anywhere near my hole, and I definitely didn't want them to come in after me. But, come in they did, and out I came whether I liked it or not.  And I love them all the more because of it.  Praise be to the Lord for blessing me with my friends.  And may He continue to bless them in countless ways for allowing Him to use them to reach me.  I have waited almost twenty-five years for friends such as you, and you were worth more than the wait. I am blessed beyond measure.  Thank you, girls; I love you.

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