Wednesday, April 16, 2008

God Has Given

A dear friend shared her own grief with me today because she knows what a tough time I am having right now.  She shared the dream she had of the daughter she never got to hold, and the powerful healing she received from it. In her dream, God asked her to name her baby girl, and she encouraged me to do the same.  After some prayer and thought, I knew this was a step I needed to take, but until now, I haven't allowed myself to even entertain the idea of naming him.  I once again felt the overwhelming power of the Spirit calling me to action.  After more prayer, I knew what his name meant, I just needed to find out what the name that went with it was.  
And his name is Jonathan.  My son's name is Jonathan.  


Lori said...

What a beautiful, powerful name. He wears it well in Heaven, I'm sure.

Monica said...

I was thinking the same -- he has a beautiful name! I have not ever been able to name the one we lost but I feel certain it was a girl.

I love hearing that your friend got a message from God about baby naming via a dream because I too have had that experience and it was amazing. Somewhere on my blog I think I mentioned that while I was pregnant with Quinn God spoke to me in a dream and told me we didn't need to pick a name for this baby because "his name is ALREADY Quinn." It was SO powerful.

corinne said...

Oh ,how I know the pain your going through.We too lost a little one not too long ago I know our little girl and your little boy are in gods loving arms. This gives me peace although I know just how difficult it is. I feel your pain for I too have felt it. We too are with AA to bring our little one home. God has a plan and we are following it.