Sunday, April 6, 2008

Things I Have Learned

I do not believe there is any "reason" to experience a miscarriage. But I know that there are things we can (and should) learn from everything in life.

I know I will grieve for my son until the day I join him in Heaven.

I know God gave me an incredible gift when He blessed me with my dream of him.

I know my friends love me more than I deserve.

And I know we would not be this close to finding our daughter if I was eight months pregnant right now.  I know we would still find her one day, but that day would not be today.  I don't know why this is God's plan for us, but I do know that it is. And I rejoice in the knowledge that He is blessing us each step of the way and He is on this journey with us as we travel it.  I am convicted that right now is His time for us to bring our daughter home and I am humbled that He has called us to experience the incredible gift of adoption.  We are His adopted children and He loves us not "as His own," but because we are His own.   What an amazing God we serve!

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