Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Our dossier is officially on its way to AA for approval for authentication in Austin.  This means we have jumped through all the hoops and collected all the paperwork necessary for the authentication process which must be completed by the secretary of state in Austin, after which we will be able to send it to Washington for translation.  When I say we have everything I mean we have everything except for the immigration approval.  And who knows when that will come.  They received a copy of the home study last Monday at 9:00 am which is the last document they require.  Now we are waiting on them to mobilize and send us our fingerprinting appointment which we will have to go to Lubbock to complete.  After we are fingerprinted, we must wait on them some more in order to get our approval for adopting a foreign born orphan.  Please pray that the government moves faster so we can move along with our adoption.  We have to wait for the immigration approval to come before we can send our dossier to the sec of state.  Once we have this much coveted document, we are off and running!!!

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